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Understanding money and how to manage it is a skill that will help you create a more successful future. You will use these fundamental skills every day. Here are some resources that will assist you in sharpening your own personal finance skills.

EverFi Modules

The Office of the State Treasurer is excited to announce two new modules through our partnership with EverFi. Click through these online tools to learn more about 529 plans and financial literacy!

Financial Literacy

529 Plans

To get your school started with the TEAM Everfi modules please contact Carmen Gross at carmen@everfi.com


At TheMintGrad, they're committed to guiding Millennials to be money smart and financially fit. They believe that understanding key financial concepts (like saving and budgeting) can be the difference between having a dream and making it come to life. So they've packed their website with hands-on activities, expert advice and creative ideas to help you navigate an increasingly complex financial world.

What’s the catch? they’re counting on you to give yourself and your wallet some FLC (financial loving care). That means, developing strong financial habits and enhancing your overall wellbeing. Whatever your goals and dreams, making an effort to Learn, Try-It, Plan and Socialize can help you get there. So whether it’s your first time or 100th visit, they invite you to explore the site, comment on their blog and share your stories. If anything, take a moment to learn more about their founding partner at www.northwesternmutual.com.


Financial Football Game

Give your financial knowledge a workout with the latest version of Financial Football, a fast-paced, NFL-themed video game developed by Visa. Test your money management skills by answering financial questions that allow you to move down the field and score touchdowns. Are you warmed up and ready to compete?

Click here to access the game

Federal Reserve of St. Louis

Whether your students are 4, 10, 16, or 22, you can use award-winning and free videos, lessons, and online courses to teach about economics, personal finance, and money. They have great resources for consumers and parents, too.

Check out their Econ Lowdown materials and see what teachers have to say about them. Explore opportunities for teacher education and for becoming a school partner with the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis.

Budgeting 101: Consumers                                     No-Frills Money Skills Video Series
Cards, Cars, and Currency for Consumers             Econ Lowdown Glossary Flash Cards
Fiscal Policy Online Course for Consumers