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The Office of the State Treasurer’s Collateral Division ensures the protection of state funds deposited by agencies in Treasury-approved financial institutions. The division reviews, tracks, and reconciles collateral pledged by these financial institutions to secure public deposits.

Pledged collateral is continually evaluated for compliance with all applicable statutes, policies, and depository custodial agreements. The division monitors all pledged securities to make certain that each is an acceptable, valid, and marketable instrument that can secure public funds at all times. Risk assessment reports are analyzed to determine data accuracy, the institution’s financial condition, and the maintenance of the institution’s appropriate collateral position.

The division oversees the collateralization process for the approved public depositories in the Mississippi Statewide Public Funds Collateral Program.  A list of those depositories can be found here. On a daily basis, the Office of the State Treasurer monitors collateralization requirements to provide a level of assurance to the State’s more than 1,200 public entities.

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