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Search for Missing Money Goes High Tech at the 2013 Mississippi State Fair


You can now Google Map the Cash

Jackson – Mississippi Treasurer Lynn Fitch announced today that her office will be using the very latest technology at the Mississippi State Fair to help Mississippians search for missing money.

This new innovative software overlay program places a green dollar sign, representing someone with unclaimed property, on Google Maps.  You simply type in your address in the search field, and the street level mapping zooms into that location, allowing you to see if you or anyone else on your street or even your neighborhood has unclaimed property.

“I am consistently seeking new ways to make it easier for Mississippians to find and claim their Unclaimed Property,” Treasurer Fitch said.  “This money belongs to the people of Mississippi and the taxpayers we serve.  It’s about making sure the process is easy and convenient for them.”

Treasurer Fitch has also made it convenient for members of the legislature to find and locate people in their districts with missing money.  The software allows them to use the Google Maps data visualization to specifically search by their legislative districts.

Show me the money

Approximately one in five people in Mississippi has missing money from forgotten bank accounts, uncashed checks, security deposits, utility refunds, estates, escrow accounts, even lost refunds. State law requires the businesses that hold that money like banks, utility companies and others, to turn the assets over to the Office of the State Treasurer.

“In these economic times, everybody can use a little help,” Treasurer Fitch said.  “I would encourage you to stop by our booth and search for family members, friends, neighbors and co-workers. This money belongs to the people of Mississippi and I am returning what rightfully belongs to them.”

Find us at the Fair

The Office of the State Treasurer’s unclaimed property booth will be located inside the Mississippi Trade Mart and will be open for the duration of the Mississippi State Fair.  Treasury employees will be on hand to assist customers with questions about their claims and the new software.  All searches and claims are processed in a safe and secure manner, free of charge.

Treasurer Fitch has returned more than $15 million in unclaimed money since January 2012. ​​​